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Welcome to the Sumthing ELSE Section! 

Here at Sumthing, we love our Original Soundtracks – they’re the best, really – but they only represent a portion of the music the gaming community has to offer.  In our quest to provide our customers with the full palette of aural video gaming goodness, we knew we needed something… Sumthing ELSE.  So here it is!  Please take a gander below to see what the Sumthing ELSE section is serving up.  Happy shopping!


This section is dedicated to the dedicated – artist and fan alike.  Chiptunes are songs created strictly through the 8-bit medium… and they’re awesome.  If you thought this art form died with the NES, you are sorely mistaken.  Artists are still pumping out brand-new jams, their quills steeped firmly in nostalgia.  You thought writing music was hard?  Well, these guys code it.   Check out what they’re capable of in the Chiptunes section.


Video game composers are a ceaseless lot – the beat don’t stop when the games hit the shelves.  They’ve got so many trills and treble clefs spinning around in their heads, they’ve got music pouring out of their ears.  Luckily, Sumthing is there to catch that ish (gross.)  The Composer Collection is where you’ll find all the music from your favorite composers released outside of the games industry.  Browse the Composer Collection and check out what these guys are up to when the leash is off!


Nothing (nothing!) gets you more pumped than a good game trailer – and nothing makes a good game trailer like the right song.  A song in the Trailer Music section may not be in the game itself, but after your months of anticipation – watching and re-watching that teaser – it’s forever synonymous.  Get at it.


The Sumthing team has been to many a game music show.  The talent on display at these events would blow you away – incredible musicians putting their spin on classic game themes.  Check out some of the finest acts on the scene in the Tribute Bands section. 

The Sumthing ELSE section is a work-in-progress, so please let us know if you see any glaring omissions!  And artists – if you think your music belongs in one of these niche-tastic genres, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at !!

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