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Oscar Araujo

Oscar Araujo was born in Vic, Barcelona.  He studied Audio Engineering at Kong Records in 1996.  Oscar published his first record when he was sixteen and was considered a child prodigy in the field of electronic music.  He has more than thirty records published and several hits in countries such as the UK, Japan, France and Spain.  Oscar’s career as a film score composer started when he wrote the music for El Cid.  Since then, he has written music for seven other films.  However, video games have always been Oscar's real passion.  Oscar composed his first video game score in 1998 for Blade: The Edge Of Darkness.  With several AAA titles under his belt, Oscar was tapped to score the new series Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Currently he teaches music at ESMUC (Escuela Superior de Musica de Catalunya) and he is directing the film Leo.


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