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Nikola Nikita Jeremic

Nikola Nikita Jeremić is a young, aspiring composer from Serbia. His composing style is a unique, atmospheric mix, including elements of orchestral, rock, metal, ambient, world and electronic music. His diverse musical background as a composer and multi-instrumentalist allows him to create distinct, high-quality soundscapes for multimedia in a short matter of time.

Among Nikola’s most recent works are award-winning feature films The Rift (Procep), Killer Mermaid (Nymph), Legacy (Amanet), as well as numerous short films and documentaries, such as award-winning short Tata, for which Nikola received the award for "Best Score" at the Revolution Me Film Festival in New York. He has also collaborated with a number of metal bands, including The Stone, Kalevala, Grai and world-renowned black metal band Rotting Christ.

Nikola’s video game composition credits include Destiny 2 (additional music), Starpoint Gemini and remix tracks for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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