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Michael Salvatori

Michael C. Salvatori is an American composer best known for his collaboration with colleague Martin O'Donnell for the soundtracks to the Halo video game series. Michael became acquainted with Martin in college.  When Martin was given a job offer to score a colleague's film, Michael and Martin formed a partnership and eventually created their own production company, TotalAudio. Michael continued to manage TotalAudio and worked on his own music for clients such as Disney and Wideload Games. In November of 2011 he joined Bungie to co-write with Martin on their latest project. On July 7, 2012, Paul McCartney announced that he was collaborating with Martin and Michael on the project.

Michael Salvatori continues to engineer, produce and compose his own music. Aside from Halo, he has served as the audio lead and composer for Stubbs the Zombie. He also created the music for Disney's Guilty Party.


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