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Jason Graves

Jason Graves is an Academy Award-winning (BAFTA) composer who has brought his passion for music to franchises such as TOMB RAIDER (SQUARE ENIX) and DEAD SPACE (EA).
Crystal Dynamics entrusted Jason with their innovative reboot of the iconic TOMB RAIDER franchise, giving him creative freedom to infuse atmosphere, emotion and authenticity to Lara’s origins story through his score. The end result combines found sounds, authentic percussion and a truly unique custom instrument interwoven with orchestral themes and textures.
Jason was solely responsible for creating an innovative, unique soundtrack for DEAD SPACE, which has become Electronic Arts’ best-selling original title and called “the scariest game ever made.” Jason’s groundbreaking score has been hailed by critics as a “truly original soundtrack” and “the best score of the year.” It was recognized with a myriad of worldwide nominations and won two BAFTA awards – one for Original Score and one for Use of Audio. For the latter, the Academy stated, “It’s the music soundtrack that boasts horror and tension.”


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