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Chase Bethea

Chase Bethea is an award-winning freelance composer/sound designer/audio engineer for video games and other media. His enthusiasm for games and music has allowed him to establish his signature sound as a composer. Chase's mixing and mastering skills were honed while he attended The Los Angeles Recording School; graduating with Honors. While in college, Chase won Best Music in Motion Graphic and the Poetry Award for Gotta Story.

In 2013, Chase's score from the successful flash horror game I Can't Escape (Fancy Fish Games), was reviewed by critics from Indie Game Magazine as a "diabolically foreboding score [that] adds a whole other dimension to the experience." Chase's second soundtrack for the game Cubic Climber (Simplicity Game Development Studios) earned a Noteworthy on Chase has recently been signed to a few publishing companies and is currently working on several projects such as Deity Quest, Pioneer, and The Somme.

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