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Bob and Barn

Bob and Barn are two men with over 35 years of collective experience known for scoring film, commercials and video games. Paul Arnold (AKA Bob) is a classically trained musician, gifted at the guitar and trumpet, although not usually at the same time.  Paul has an MSc in Music Technology and a BA (Hons) in Music and Computing. Andrew Barnabas (AKA Barn) is also classically trained, and rather good at tickling the ivories and more recently, being a bit percussive.  He has a BA (Hons) in Popular Music. 

Working together as Bob and Barn for more than ten years, they have amassed a plethora of technical skills in all areas of composition and have built two top-end composition facilities in the heart of Cambridge.  Their video game credits include MediEvil: Resurrection, Sega Rally Revo, and Primal – the first video game score to be authorized for a soundtrack by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.


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