Sumthing Else Music Works and Big Blue Bubble, Canada’s largest independent mobile gaming company, today released the vinyl edition of the soundtrack to the top-grossing global game franchise, My Singing Monsters. Released as a limited edition of 500 units on standard weight translucent blue vinyl, the album is presented in a deluxe gatefold package (pictured). Featuring the game’s catchy original songs composed and produced by Dave Kerr at Big Blue Bubble, My Singing Monsters Original Soundtrack is also available on digital and streaming outlets worldwide through Sumthing Else Music Works

My Singing Monsters is a unique musical world-builder game for mobile phones and tablets, where each of the game’s lovable monster characters has a unique musical part to play in a song. Players strive to collect all of the monsters across various islands in the Monster World in order to complete and discover each island’s unique song. As the recipient of several awards and a global fan base in the millions, it is no surprise My Singing Monsters is a top ranking title.

Track Listing:

1. Loading Music
2. Plant Island
3. Cold Island
4. Air Island
5. Water Island
6. Earth Island
7. Gold Island

8. Ethereal Island
9. Tribal Island
10. Wublin Island
11. The Continent
12. Space Island
13. Cloud Island
14. Cave Island

See some of the magic that takes place when making the music for the game by watching this YouTube video ( or to see what people are talking about check out some My Singing Monsters gameplay (

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