In what may be my favorite video game promotion of all time, Io and Square Enix have introduced Gary Busey as Hitman’s next ‘Elusive Target‘. The voting public has chosen to #KILLBUSEY over actor Gary Cole (of Office Space fame) and as of today, players can find Mr. Busey wandering aimlessly, scaring and confusing the citizenry of Sapienza. You’ll have seven days and one chance to find the legendary actor/crazy person and take him out as only Agent 47 (or any of the various characters/unfortunate accidents/monsters of the following films: The Magnificent Seven Ride, Lolly-Madonna, XXX, Hex, The Buddy Holly Story, Straight Time, Lethal Weapon, Hider in the House, Predator 2, Point Break, Wild Texas Wind, The Firm, Under Siege, Drop Zone, Surviving the Game, Man with a Gun, Lethal Tender, The Rage Soldier, The Gingerdead Man) can.

To celebrate this creative and hilarious promotion, we’re providing a promotion of our own: 25% off our Hitman soundtracks. Just use the code ‘baneofbusey‘ at checkout with either Blood Money, Contracts or both in your cart. The discount will end only when Gary Busey no longer walks the Sapienzan(?) streets. If anyone is playing the new Hitman and successfully offs Busey, please, please let me know how it went in the comments. Stay weird, video games.


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