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To Publishers, Developers, and License-Holders:

Video game publishing has rapidly become a major segment of the entertainment industry, with budgets and revenues approaching, and indeed oftentimes exceeding those of motion pictures. Are you as a publisher certain that you are maximizing the financial exploitation of your investment?

You may have assets of considerable value – the cost of which you’ve already expended – with the return or recoupment yet to be realized. Specifically, your game’s music soundtrack! You have commissioned, bought and paid for the music and have cleverly injected it into your game. What you may not realize, is that this music, if marketed as a soundtrack album, can augment your game in a variety of ways. When licensed and marketed as an album, the soundtrack can increase the visibility of the game itself, adding another product and its associated revenues to your game’s franchise, and can be employed in any number of strategic launch promotions engineered by Sumthing Else Music Works.

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