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About Us                                Sumthing Grey is a site for gamers.  With top soundtracks available for purchase on our digital store, we provide our customers with hundreds of hours of music for their gaming and listening enjoyment.  But is more than a store.  As the leader in video game music, we look to keep our fans’ fingers on the pulse of the industry.  Check out our blog for the latest news, giveaways, and interviews, and be sure to stop by our composer pages to gaze upon the shining legacies of some of the industry’s finest tunesmiths. In the months to come, will introduce its merchandise store, for all you collectors out there, and a bevy of new features to keep your toes tapping and your thumbs waggling.  Forever a work-in-progress, the site needs your input.  Head over to the Contact Us section and let us know what you’d like to see on


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Founded by the world-renowned songwriter, musician and record producer, Nile Rodgers, Sumthing Else Music Works was conceived as a creative outlet and worldwide record label/distributor for innovative music projects. In following this vision, it has grown to become the acknowledged industry leader in licensing and distributing video game soundtracks.  Possessing full in-house services worldwide, from retail marketing and digital sales to an extensive physical distribution system, Sumthing is partnered with the world’s leading video game developers and publishers including BioWare, Bungie, Capcom, Crystal Dynamics, Crytek, Eidos Montreal, Epic Games, Gearbox Software, Konami, Microsoft, Sega, Sony, and Square Enix.

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