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Richard Jacques

Classically trained from a young age at the Royal Academy of Music in London with an extensive repertoire in multiple music genres, Richard Jacques is an award-winning composer for video games.  Richard’s credits include franchises such as James Bond 007: Blood Stone, Mass Effect, Alice in Wonderland, Headhunter and Starship Troopers. Excelling in cinematic scoring, Richard was the first composer to secure a major budget for a live symphony orchestra in a video game soundtrack (Headhunter), the first to record a live orchestra for a Sony PSP handheld title (Pursuit Force), the first to have his music featured in art exhibitions as well as live concerts in Japan, Europe and North America, and the first western composer to have his game scores released commercially in Japan, Europe and North America.

Continually in high demand from the world’s top video game studios, Richard Jacques is currently scoring major AAA titles as well as original music for film, Hollywood movie trailers and other visual media.


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