So it quickly approaches — the end of 2013. This has been an undeniably amazing year for gaming, one in which we’ve seen the rise of amazing games, the next generation of consoles, a number of controversies, and a lot of fun.  I decided to look into what I’ve accomplished this year in terms of gaming, and the results are that I’ve played 47 unique games and DLC packs, which I’d say it not too shabby.  Of those 47, I’ve completed 39 of them.  Considering one of them was the life-consuming Persona 4 Golden, I don’t think that number is too bad either.  Also, we have a few more days left to stuff some short games into.  In light of all the games I’ve finished, I’d like to share with you my completion ritual.


The majority of games I’ve played have been on the PC this year.  I can thank great sales for that.  No matter how long or tough a game is, whenever I finish one, and the credits begin to roll, I recline my chair all the way.  Then, I just sit and watch the screen.  It’s something simple, I know, but I look forward to that moment when I have nothing left to do but recline and watch the list of people who made the game that took over my life for the past few days.  Even if you don’t really care (or if the list is freakishly long because it was made by Ubisoft), that moment of reflection is pretty significant.  Besides, you never know if there’s going to be a cutscene at the end of your wait.

I’d like to suggest that you all do the same when you finish a game.  Aside from admiring the developers, that kind of time can be cathartic.  We don’t often have these moments where it’s acceptable to just do nothing.  This is a busy, multitasking world that often reminds people they’ll be left behind if they’re not constantly doing something.  When you use Steam, you can easily flip over to the web browser, chat with friends, or look up anything and everything on your smart phone.  Maybe you didn’t totally understand the ending you just witnessed, and you want to look up what Wikipedia has to say about it.

Don’t.  Recline.


Do this for all accomplishments, actually.  That would be my larger point.  Every year is a big one in your life, and it’s important to think back on it before approaching a new one.  I’m not saying you should come up with New Year’s resolutions or anything, but like a good game, you’ve just spent a long time taking in a lot of knowledge — some of it is useless, and some of it is impactful — and you should acknowledge it.

Life can wait a moment.  Watch the credits.  Absorb what you just witnessed.  Make your experience truly complete and not just because your cheevo says it is.  Then, after your moment of (digital) zen, keep on gaming.

My 2013 has been made impossibly better due to games.  This is a fact I cannot deny.  My credits include a lot of awesome people from the industry, notably the folks at Sumthing, who offered my stupid diatribes another platform.

I wish all the Sumthing fans, especially including Emily and Geno, my Sumthing Siblings, a happy holiday and a joyous New Year!  Thanks for reading.  Recline, and game on!

Gil is a video game enthusiast and professional meanderer.  When he’s not giving people his unsolicited grammar corrections, he is out and about seeking exciting food and even more exciting single-player experiences.  He’s got one of them Twitters (@gilmeansjoy) and a blog or something (